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Great post from fwd NYC!

Great post from fwd NYC!

fwd NYC, New York’s premier forward thinking marketing firm makes some great points in this post. 


Forward Thinking Marketing

So guys, we have moved forward with our expansion into a full blown marketing company. We call our company fwd|NYC, pronounces Forward New York. fwd NYC is one amazing company – check out our new website – fwdnyc. See what we do and how we can help you move your company FORWARD!

Shmorg 6

Simone Giuliani in the studio

What a great session with Simone Giuliani working on the Shmorg 6 Tunes CD for the Oorah Auction. This was not a simple session, we have over 48 synth tracks and we didn’t even record rhythm yet.

Logic Session


It is sounding amazing! Can’t wait for the rhythm session next week. Follow skyline music on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.


Stretchkins Jingle

Stretchkins is a great toy for kids. It is fun, and promotes excursive at the same time. This commercial has been airing now for a few months, and the views on YouTube keep on going up… it is now over 20,000!

SkyLine Music, NYC wrote the jingle and did the Sound Design and Editing. The jingle was performed by Jewles Gold and the video was produced by Dale Kolarek of Globe Video. Check it out…

Skyline Music provides complete jingle writing services and well as film production, sound design and marketing. Contact us today so that we can take your project to the next level.

Marketing Snow

Snow. It can be fun and exciting, or a nightmare. It’s amazing how something so simple and common can be viewed so differently. A little child can see a winter wonderland of fun, while a businessman can see a crazy commute and loss of income. What may be a vacation day for school teachers can be hours and hours of overtime for sanitation and rescue workers.

What it all boils down to is perspective. People tend to see things primarily by how it affects themselves.

When marketing a product, company or idea it is crucial to talk to people based on their perspective. Tell them what it can do for them. Show them how it can enhance their life, and don’t tell them how it helps you.

A marketer needs to understand what the consumer wants and sees. A marketer needs to put on ‘consumer glasses’ and gain knowledge of their perspective. Only then can you gain insight and turn your  pitch into a winter wonderland for the consumer.

Lose4Autism New Music Video

Check out this new video we produced for Lose4Autism, a wonderful organization raising money to help autistic children.

The video feature Nachman Bergman, famous as the Rappin Rabbi.

Don’t lose out on watching this…the only loosing you should be doing is Lose 4 Autism.

Welcome to the SkyLine Music Blog


Welcome to SkyLine Music‘s blog. Check back soon for the latest updates from our recording studio.