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Marketing Snow

January 3, 2014

Snow. It can be fun and exciting, or a nightmare. It’s amazing how something so simple and common can be viewed so differently. A little child can see a winter wonderland of fun, while a businessman can see a crazy commute and loss of income. What may be a vacation day for school teachers can be hours and hours of overtime for sanitation and rescue workers.

What it all boils down to is perspective. People tend to see things primarily by how it affects themselves.

When marketing a product, company or idea it is crucial to talk to people based on their perspective. Tell them what it can do for them. Show them how it can enhance their life, and don’t tell them how it helps you.

A marketer needs to understand what the consumer wants and sees. A marketer needs to put on ‘consumer glasses’ and gain knowledge of their perspective. Only then can you gain insight and turn your  pitch into a winter wonderland for the consumer.

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